Capital Equipment

Southern Heat Corporation represents these trusted companies for the Plastic/Process Industry:


ECON has been the underwater pelletizing specialist for over 20 years. Constant technical development processes have made them innovation leaders in pelletizing systems.

  • Pelletizing Systems
  • Pyrolysis Furnace
  • Vibration Drying System
  • ​​Screen Changers




Ensign Equipment logo

Ensign Equipment provides material handling equipment and systems designed and manufactured to convey, mix, fill, discharge, store, and weigh your dry bulk solids.

  • Mechanical and Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Bulk Bag Discharging and Filling Systems
  • Intermediate and Bulk Storage Solutions
  • Gaylord Unloading and Loading Solutions
  • Mixing and Blending Systems
  • Weigh Solutions and Integrated Systems



PSI, Polymer Systems Inc. offers screen changers, gear pumps, and custom systems for polymer, rubber, chemical, and hot melt adhesive applications. PSI’s flexible design vision has always been through the eyes of their customers – combining the benefits that drive production and profitability for plastics extrusion and hot melt adhesive processes with how the extruder operators use them.

  • Screen Changers
  • Gear Pumps
  • Static Mixers

Polymer Extrusion Gear Pump (EGP) Melt Pump   Polymer Extrusion Continuous Screen Changer (CSC) Melt Filter



Pure Loop stands for highly efficient recycling. Clean production waste is processed using shredder-extruder technology. Pure Loop offers solutions that adapt perfectly and specifically to your scrap logistics, so you can return the largest possible amount of recycled pellets to your production cycle.

  • Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination
  • Adapts Ideally to your Scrap Logistics
  • Fastest ROI




Sonic Air Systems logo

Sonic Air Systems designs and manufactures centrifugal industrial blowers and air knife systems for all sectors of manufacturing.

  • Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions
  • ​Drying
  • Blow-off
  • Static Control
  • Coating Control
  • ​Air & Gas Handling



Temptek logo

TempTek provides economically affordable equipment, built for round the clock operations, providing years of trouble-free service, offering maximum returns on capital investments.

  • TCU’s
  • Portable Chillers
  • Central Chillers
  • Pump Stations
  • Tower Cells

TSM Controls are specialists in materials blending and control systems. TSM blenders and auxiliary equipment are the industry’s strongest and smartest, providing a robust solution that works comfortably in plant environments yet delivers exceptional control and performance in all applications.

  • Batch Blending
  • Continuous Blending
  • Extrusion Control
  • Vacuum Loading
  • Supervisory Management Systems
  • Turnkey Projects / OEM Agreements

TSM equipment color photo