Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge HeatersCartridge Heaters are a type of heating element that effectively and reliably transfers heat. They have a tube-like shape that is designed to be inserted into drilled holes. They can be custom manufactured to a specific watt density to fit the need of the application. The heat transfer provided by cartridge heaters is superior to many other methods. As such these devices are ideal for generating temperatures as high as 1472°F (800°C). They are often used for challenging localized heating requirements. Some applications they are used for including the heating of molds, dies, platens, and other solids. Southern Heat is your source for high quality Cartridge Heaters.

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SplitSheath Cartridge Heater


Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters​

The unique split-sheath design allows the heater to expand to maximize heat transfer and contract when cold for easy removal from bore. Ideal for use in oversized bores. Eliminates need for tight fits, tight tolerance bores. Better heat transfer means less power is consumed to maintain the set point temperature, reducing operating costs.

Special Features: Maximizes heat transfer, reduces maintenance costs, reduces the cost of process heating


HD Cartridge Heater

High Density Cartridge Heaters​

High Density Cartridge Heaters provide maximum processing temperature capability. Higher watt densities permit smaller heaters to be used without sacrificing life expectancy. Swaged construction provides maximum support for the resistance wire and excellent heat transfer characteristics, improving the overall life expectancy of the cartridge heater.

Applications up to 1400° F.


LD Cartridge HeaterLow Density Cartridge Heaters​

Low Density Cartridge Heaters are an economical and reliable heater used in applications requiring lower operating temperatures and watt densities. Low Density Cartridge Heaters are an excellent, cost effective choice without compromising quality for manufacturers consuming large quantities of cartridge heaters for their equipment. With their compact size and customizable options, including wattage, voltage, and sheath material, low density cartridge heaters provide versatile solutions for heating molds, dies, platens, and more.