Tubular Heaters

Tubular HeatersTubular Heaters are the most versatile and widely used source of electric heat for industrial, commercial and scientific applications. Tubular Heaters are available in several diameters, lengths and sheath materials, these heaters can be formed into virtually any shape and can be brazed or welded to any metal surface.

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Tubular Heater

Tubular Heaters​

A computer-designed helical coil of 80% Nickel 20% Chromium alloy resistance wire is fusion welded to the nickel-coated steel terminal cold pin. This coil assembly is precisely stretched and centered in the element metal sheath, which is then filled with Grade “A” Magnesium Oxide powder (MgO). The filled tube is then compacted by a roll reduction mill into a solid mass, permanently stabilizing the coil in the center of the tube while providing excellent heat transfer and dielectric strength between the coil and the sheath.


Finned Tubular Heater

Finned Tubular Heaters​

Finned Tubular elements are normally used in forced or free convective air applications at low to medium temperatures. Typical applications are for heating indoor clean air from ambient conditions up to 250/275°F for steel finned units & to 550°F for stainless fins. Steel finned heaters can be operated up to 750°F on sheath and stainless steel finned heaters used up to 1200°F (1000°F UL limit) sheath temperatures. Finned tubular elements are safer to operate than open coil heaters as the risk of fire from combustible particles in the flow stream and electrical shock is minimized.