Sensor Accessories

SensorAccessoriesSouthern Heat offers a range of miscellaneous thermocouple and RTD hardware accessory items including, bayonet adapters, terminal blocks, various plugs and jacks, thermocouple wire and cable.

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Bayonet Type Adapters

Bayonet Type Adapters are used in conjunction with spring-loaded bayonet cap type thermocouples. After inserting the thermocouple sheath through the adapter the spring is compressed and locked by the cap, pushing the sensor against the surface being measured.


Terminal Block

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks are designed and manufactured for long use under demanding conditions. Terminal Blocks also conserve space while allowing maximum flexibility and simple installation. Open or closed high temperature ceramic terminal blocks are ideal for power distribution in a variety of high temperature applications.


Plugs and Jacks

Plugs and Jacks

Southern Heat offers a variety of plugs and jacks to improve your process. European Connectors and Plugs, Mini Plugs and Jacks, Standard Panel Jacks, Standard Plugs and Jacks, and Ultra High Temperature Plugs.


Panels and Outlet Boxes

Outlet Boxes and Panels

Standard Panels for outlet boxes are made with .090” thick aluminum. They come complete with all holes ready to accept standard panel jacks to panel and to mount panel to box. Standard part number for jacks is AC-H30-J.

Standard Outlet Boxes have 3/4″ NPT inlets and are to be used with 2.75”x 4.5” standard panels plates.

Thermocouple Wire and Cable

Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple Wire and Cable can be used for manufacturing thermocouple assemblies or as hook up wire between a thermocouple assembly and display instrumentation or temperature controller, but can also be used as an extension to a measurement instrument over long distances. Common sizes are stocked on 100 and 250 foot spools.